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Online Trading Investment Fraud: Some Brokers Does Not Pay Off

We represent investors nationwide who have invested money in trading with so-called Contracts for Differences (CFDs), forex trading (currency trading), binary options trading or in cryptocurrencies (Bitcoins, etc.) via alleged online trading platforms. These investors reported to us about problems with their online brokers who delayed or refused to pay out the alleged online trading credits.

Payment is made dependent on an alleged “tax”

Investors are persuaded to invest more and more by the initially supposed profits in online trading. As soon as investors no longer invest in online trading, but want payouts, there are problems: The payout of their alleged online credit is suddenly made dependent on the payment of an alleged “tax”.

“Tax” is a clear indication of online investment fraud

If you are required to make such a further payment in the form of a “tax”, you should by no means make this payment unchecked! This “tax” is a clear indicator of online investment fraud.

This is a scam known to us by the fraudulent online trading platforms to cash in again once the investor wants his online trading account to be paid out or wants to end the investment.

Our clients tell us that they sometimes had to pay alleged taxes several times in a row in order to receive the alleged payout of their online trading account.

The fact is: even after several tax payments, the promised payout did not take place. Instead, the contact was broken off by the online broker and the online trading account blocked.

Be careful of promises made by your online broker!

Also, don’t be fooled if the advisor offers you to participate in the investment / tax yourself and even sends you transfer receipts. We have falsified payment receipts and payment contracts from alleged notaries, with which the investors should be induced to pay the alleged tax for their online trading account. These all turned out to be fake and are an unmistakable sign of online investment fraud.

Contact a specialized lawyer

If you have been the victim of such online investment fraud, see an attorney who specializes in online trading investment fraud.

The law firm plan C explains which steps are necessary and promising. We report online investment fraud for you to the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) and other authorities and check your claims for damages and the possibilities of retrieving your funds as well as the criminal aspects of online investment fraud. In a large number of online investment fraud cases, we were able to support investors who were already affected and recover their deposits.

These online trading platforms are called BoerseFx (formerly FrankfurtFx),, 24NewsTrade, Cryptopoint, XTraderFX, SafeMarkets, OptionStarsGlobal,, 101investing,, hexinfx, and many more.

Tanja Nauschütz, a lawyer specializing in banking and capital markets law, has been very successful in representing aggrieved investors for over 20 years.