Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem – The oldest Inn in England

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Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem – The oldest Inn in England

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  1. Jean says:

    I think the Swan Inn in Ironbridge, Shropshire is either as old or older than this Inn. The buildings are very much alike, The Swan still has the original beams in the rooms and is around 350 years old, I don’t know if they have any documentation to prove this.

    • Pete says:

      I think the Olde Boot in St.Albans is very old as well

      • admin says:

        Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem – 12th century
        Olde Boot in St.Albans – 14-16th century
        Swan Inn in Ironbridge – 18th century but this is the oldest pub in the Ironbridge

        • Jean says:

          Thank for your prompt reply. I’m from England (The Midlands) but I’ve lived in Canada for the past 12 years. We came over for a month Mid Sept to Mid Oct to visit with my family. While there we stayed at the Swan Inn for a couple of nights it’s a beautiful place. We’re planning another visit in 2014 we’ll have to make sure we visit Nottingham on that trip.

        • tina ford says:

          this is why i want to come there someday, such old history, much older than ours here in the U.S

          • Jean says:

            Tina, my husband loved it. He was born in Canada and this was his first trip out of the Country. He didn’t want to come back to Canada, neither did I, I wanted to stay and spoil my Grandson, lol. Everything was new to him and he loved the History. Where as with me, even though I’ve lived in Canada 12 years, it was nothing new, I grew up with it.
            If you ever get the opportunity to go to England, go.

  2. Andy Kruse says:

    I was told “The Cock Inn” in Southwater near Horsham was the oldest public house in England. It definitely looks as old.

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